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Welcome to our NewFacesFoundation site!

Here is some information about us and our goals for our Project in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Our founder Jade C Kossamax has kindly donated some land in Cambodia for the use to help the Cambodian Children and there families.

The land is to be used to help the poor in that Area have a school for there children to go to be educated which will be free to them, along with other facilities.

So the children can learn all the skills necessary, so they can once they leave school and take care of themselves and there families.

But while retaining the Khmer culture and traditional values which make Cambodia the special country it is.

Houses like those below are very common in the rural areas.



Poor House2

Poor House1


It was a very sad sight to see how some people live and makes one realize that we take so much for granted in our own lives without even thinking.

The access to a strong roof over our heads and clean always available water and refrigerators to keep food etc.

Just the basics which most of us never have to worry about.

Then one see’s how these people live and then thinking about how these people cope when the monsoon rains hit each year?.

It is because of seeing all this, that made us realize it would be a special and worthy goal to try and help the people there have something special.

So we are embarking on a project to help as much as we can and which is why we have setup this project in that we would be very grateful and deeply touched for any help people can give to us.

All money raised will be used for this and there is no big administration that will be taking any of the help people send us.

We intend to honor everyone who donates something with a small tree or plant with there name on it that will stay there forever, and also the names of everyone will be put onto a plaque on every building once completed and that will be our way of saying thank you and always remembering every single person or business that has helped the people there have that better life for there children and there families.

Of course if you would rather remain anonymous , we will respect that.

Over the time ahead we intend on keeping the site full updated with photos, information and videos on our progress, so people can see where there donated money has gone.

My first goal is to get back to Cambodia and meet some of the villagers to arrange how best to help them with our plans.

We have a lot of community people and officials who have offered to help us start there and so we have a ideal opportunity to make a difference and with the kind help of people out there, we deeply hope we can bring something special to there lives that will live on for ever.

Thank you so much for all of us at New Faces Foundation in Cambodia.









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